Smile TRU invisible braces

Smile TRU – innovative and advanced teeth straightening method applying transparent and removable aligners. Straightening process usually takes 9 to 15 months.

Why it is worth to choose Smile TRU teeth straightening system

  • Transparency. InLine aligners are transparent, thus they are almost invisible for others.
  • Convenience. The brackets can be easily removed before having meals, drinks or teeth brushing. Wearing Smile TRU you do not need to restrict yourself in selecting different foods, food residuals do not accumulate and do not stick as in ordinary braces, thus brushing and taking care of your teeth is more convenient. If you have an important meeting, you may take them out for it easily.
  • Individuality and efficacy. These brackets tightly cling to the teeth and their efficacy has been proved in many clinical studies. Each aligner is individually made for your teeth. The system was developed to allow precise forecasting of treatment duration. You will enjoy more beautiful smile even before the end of treatment.

Smile TRU treatment procedure:

Smile TRU invisible braces, Ilford

The teeth restoration process starts with a consultation with odontologist.

An impression of teeth will be taken and sent to the Smile TRU laboratory in UK along with data obtained during your consultation with your dentist.

Individual treatment program is developed in laboratory and several sets of invisible aligners is produced in the laboratory using computed 3D technologies.

One set of aligners is intended for about one month use. So, gradually, week after week, your teeth are pushed millimetre by millimetre to the desired position, untill your teeth are straightened completely.

You need to come for examination at dentit’s office every 4-6 weeks. Invisible aligners can be removed, however they should be worn permanently, at least 22 hours per day, otherwise the desired result will not be reached.

Sometimes the brackets may have impact on your speech and pronunciation at the beginning of treatment. However, this resolves quickly, usually in the few first days.

In addition, like with other treatment methods, you may experience tightness and mild ache, as your teeth are pushed, applying certain strength, however this lasts for 2-3 days after the application of new bracket and later it resolves.

This orthodontic treatment can be applied for people of different age with completely developed permanent teeth.