Dental Prosthetic Procedures

A mouth is the initial part of our gastrointestinal tract. When teeth are missing, a food is not completely chewed and later this results in gastrointestinal disorders. This also has negative impact on a jaw joint – crunching and pain of joint develops. Joint deformities lead to formation of folds, loss of molars results in lantern jaws; when incisors are missing a person avoids smiling and experiences psychological problems.

Dental prosthesis are necessary to prevent further deformities of face-jaw system.

At Denta Clinic we offer modern dental prosthesis of different types:

  • removable prosthesis of high quality, such as chrome cobalt dentures or acrylic dentures;
  • dental crowns and bridges are produced from the worldwide recognised high quality materials 3M, ESPE, IVOCLAR-VIVADENT;
  • for fixed prosthetic treatment we offer porcelain bonded, ceramic and zirconium crowns and bridges;
  • our clinic cooperates with the leading dental laboratories in Lithuania and dental laboratories in London.

Prosthetic treatment methods