Dental implants

We have been successfully placing and restoring dental implants and giving patients back their smiles and their confidence. When you are investing in your dental health, at Denta Clinic, you can be confident that you will be treated by a team of experienced, highly trained professionals. To give you peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive guarantee on all our dental treatments.

The implants are tiny titanium posts which are placed into the jawbone where teeth are missing. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. If you are wondering if you might benefit from dental implants, we would be happy to meet with you for a consultation, to discuss about whether dental implants might be a suitable treatment for you. We will present all your treatment options to you, and provide you with a written plan.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Aesthetic aspects. An implant does not differ from a natural tooth. With dental implants you will speak, eat and smile with confidence.
  • Functionality. The implants do not move in your mouth and restore bite and chewing functions.
  • Teeth preservation. Teeth grinding is avoided if dental implants have been chosen, thus healthy teeth are preserved.
  • Protection against bone shrinking and gum retraction. Bone integrated implant creates natural load on a jaw during mastication, which prevents bone shrinking.
  • Good toleration. Dental implants are produced using biocompatible materials, thus they are well tolerated by our bodies and do not cause any allergic reaction.
  • Stability. Dental implants serve as a stable support for different prosthetic solutions: crowns, bridges and jaw plates.
  • Hygiene. To compare with bridges, interdental spaces are easer to clean.
  • Longevity. Dental implants are more durable, to compare with any other prosthesis. Longevity of an implant is predetermined by many patient-related factors: personal oral hygiene, regular appointments with oral hygiene professional, individual characteristics of patient’s body (resistance to infections, irregular bite), patient’s habits (smoking, tooth grinding at night), etc.
  • Reliability. Implantation is one of most advanced and successful treatment methods in modern dentistry. It is successful on average in 95-98 % of patients. Qualified professionals should be consulted and reliable implant system should be selected aiming to reduce any possible risks.

Dental implantation and prosthetic treatment procedure

1. Under local anaesthesia dental implant is screwed into the jaw bone.

2. A patient returns to a clinic for examination and suture removal after 10-14 days. An implant is left for 3-6 months for complete bonding with a bone.

3. After naturalisation of an implant the apex of implant is unclosed under local anaesthesia and gum shaping healing abutment is applied.

4. Prosthetic treatment on the basis of dental implant: individual support and dental crown has to be made.

Implant systems offered at Denta Clinic

  • Implants from the company STRAUMANN are among the leaders in the market.
  • 30 year experience.
  • Implants have been marketed in more than 70 countries.
  • STRAUMANN studies and develops dental implants, instruments and regenerative substances.
  • This is one of most scientifically justified and documented implant systems worldwide.
  • Only 1-2 implants out of 400 fail to reach complete osseointegration.
  • They are suitable for especially complicated cases.
  • Warranty is provided for an implant.