Dental Fillings

The filling is used to restore the tooth structure by sealing the cavity, which occurs due to the tooth decay caused by bacteria. To fix cavity, your dentist will remove the decayed part of the tooth and then “fill” the area.

Dental Fillings, Ilford

Fillings are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth and teeth that have been worn down from misuse (such as from nail-biting or tooth grinding).

We are a mercury-free practice. However, many people still have silver/mercury fillings in their mouths from years past. These fillings are not particularly pleasing to the eye. Fortunately, silver fillings can safely be replaced with Tooth. Colored Restorations or composite dental fillings.

Advantages of composites:

The shade/color of the composite fillings can be closely matched to the color of existing teeth.

In addition to use as a filling material for treating decay, composite fillings can also be used to repair chipped, broken, or worn teeth.

The result is a beautiful smile!

Your teeth are restored to a natural look and feel and the tooth is protected!