Cfast -cosmetic tooth aligment

Why Cfast?

Do your teeth stop you from smiling as much as you’d like?

Just think, in a few months you could be smiling like a star.

Cfast is…

Fast – You will have straight front teeth in about six months.
Discreet – the wires and brackets are almost invisible.
Affordable – the short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost.

Cfast is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment  and  is seen as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and swift treatment options for those wanting to concentrate on the ‘social six’ teeth that leave the most noticeable impression of our smile.

With clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, Cfast is barely noticeable – and worn for only a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces.

How Does CFast Work?

Cfast uses clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires. The treatment works much like that using clear aligners, but tooth movement is much more predictable and usually more than twice as quick.

The nickel-titanium wires put gentle pressure on the brackets to level and align the teeth with minimal discomfort to the patient. The gingiva follows this movement to achieve a fully aesthetic outcome.

Can I Benefit From CFast?

Cfast is a fast, effective and affordable treatment when adults are seeking to correct their smiles. Because we do not claim to address major orthodontic issues, Cfast can be done very quickly, making it more affordable than all other orthodontic options.

CFast is fantastic if you are looking for a discreet and fast solution to misaligned teeth with minimal fuss. Whether your orthodontic issues could be described as mild or severe, there are still benefits to be had from the procedure.

What are the limitations?

The system is designed for fast results, hence it only changes the front 6 teeth. It can’t correct crossbites or change the patients bite to any large degree. The idea is to get the teeth into a better position before any other form of cosmetic work is undertaken on the teeth.