Bonding is an aesthetical composite restoration procedure in which the anterior teeth are fully covered with special layer of composite. The Layer is adapted individually according to the colour of your teeth and is light cured.

This treatment is offered when:

  • Teeth are cracked
  • Teeth are very dark
  • You want to close the gap between existing teeth
  • Strongly worn out teeth
  • There is a need to give the teeth lost shape, height of the occlusion, and so on

The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the situation.


  • Aesthetic restoration method is simpler and less expensive than ceramic crowns or veneers production.
  • One visit is enough to get the desired result.
  • Only a small tooth tissue is removed, so it is usually painless and does not require local anesthesia.
  • There is always a possibility after a certain period of time to correct tooth colour or shape.


  • After 2-5 years of restoration, teeth can change their colour because a composite filling has the property to accumulate plaque and pigment.
  • Quickly lose their natural shine, so there is a need at least once a year to visit the dentist for composite polishing.

Depending on the oral health, and the existing mastication habits, aesthetic restorations can last from 3-10 years. After, a correction could be done or a new restoration made.