Dental Assessment Prices
New patient consultation
include screening and monitoring of the health of your teeth,
existing dental work, your gums, and your soft tissues,
single X-ray picture and treatment plan
Routine Dental Examination £10
Emergency Appointment £20*
Implant Consultation £60
Digital X-ray
Allows us to examine the areas between, inside and underneath your teeth -
often essential for diagnosing the causes of pain or discomfort.
Hygiene and Gum disease treatments
all hygiene appointments include oral health advice, product demonstrations
Routine dental hygiene
(up to 30 min) including scale+ polish+air abrasion
Treatment of sensitivity (Isodan applications) £20 - £40
Air Abrasion & polish
(specialised cleaning for a whiter smile)
Gum disease treatment Debridement from £105
General Dental Care tailored to you  
Composite (White Filling) from £55
Crown (per unit)
depending on material and complexity
 from £270
Cosmetic Bonding  £130
Tooth jewel £45
Temporary crown  £40
Veneer (per Unit) from £455
Ceramic Inlay/Onlay from £370
Crown on Implant from £850
acrylic denture (upper or lower)
depending on material and complexity
 from £165
chrome denture (upper or lower)
depending on material and complexity
 from £650
Denture Repair from £95
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)  
Single Canal i.e. Incisor/Canine
only cleaning and filling
Double Canals i.e. Premolar
only cleaning and filling
Triple canals i.e. Molar
only cleaning and filling
Quadruple canals i.e. Molar
only cleaning and filling
Re Root Treatment (per canal) £30 + RCT
Application of medicines to treat inflammation
of the root canal (1 root canal)
* Additional Fee for Restoration  
Surgical and Implant services  
Simple extraction from £50
Surgical extraction from £120
Bone augmentation from £500
Straumann Implant
Fee depends on system used, bone availability, and complexity
 from £840
Orthodontic treatment  
Clear removable aligners (SmileTRU) from £1150
Teeth Whitening  
Enlightment Smiles (Home & Surgery) £450
'Boutique' professional home whitening £220
Children Dentistry (deciduous teeth treatment)  
Deciduous tooth filling from £25
Deciduous tooth extraction from £30
Fissure sealants (single tooth) £10

* - dental treatments not included.

Please be aware that although this is an extensive list of treatments it does not completely cover every type of treatment offered.

Price fluctuations depends on the scope of the intervention , and the complexity of the manipulation as well as material consumption .

The prices shown on this page are for informational purposes and are subject to change without prior notification .

All patients will be provided with a customised treatment plan tailored to your individual wants and needs. This will include a full costing.

20% charge will apply for urgent treatment procedures.